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Triplet mom’s viral video shows how differently her 3 babies react to meal time

Juniper, Eden and Willow Kenmure are going viral on TikTok.
/ Source: TODAY

The Kenmure triplets of New Jersey share a birthday — but that’s where the similarities end, according to to their moms Jocelyn and Daniela. 

“They couldn’t be more different,” Jocelyn tells of the adorable 2-month-old trio.

To illustrate their individuality, Jocelyn shared on TikTok a video of Juniper and his sisters Willow and Eden after finishing a bottle. The footage has been seen more than 11 million times and counting.

“When the same 5oz hits different,” Jocelyn captioned her post.

In the clip, Juniper is crying. He’s still hungry and wants more ASAP. Willow looks satisfied, while Eden is completely passed out, with her eyes rolled back. 

“Milk drunk is the best,” one person wrote.

Added another, “My three moods.” 

Other comments included, "It's like 3 friends on a night out," and "The three stages of milk drunk ... we got the crier, the I might be drunk, and the one you have to carry home every time."

“Juni is our biggest eater. He can eat and eat and eat. My wife was in the kitchen heating another bottle for him when I started recording,” Jocelyn says. She describes Eden — the baby in the middle — as “happy-go-lucky,” and notes that the little girl has been that way since day one. As for milk drunk Willow? 

“She’s our little peanut,” Jocelyn says of their tiny triplet. “Five ounces for her is a lot.” But Willow has a huge personality. 

“Willow came out first. She’s been giving side eye since the day she was born, and has to know what is going on with everyone. She’s our nosey Nancy,” Jocelyn reveals. “The NICU nurses used to joke that Willow was judging them!” 

Juniper, Willow and Eden also have very different sleep patterns. Willow is an early riser, Eden is a “night owl” and Juniper is “somewhere in the middle,” according to Jocelyn.

“Eden is up until 2 a.m. and then she’s grumpy when she wakes up and won’t even look at you until after 11,” Jocelyn says. "It's actually kind of funny. That girl is not a morning person."