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Partners in crime! Watch siblings free their little brother from his crib

"This entire video is the energy I’ll bring to 2022," actor Kristen Bell wrote on Instagram.
The great crib escape!
The great crib escape!@4kidscallmedad / TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

A video of two siblings helping their little brother escape from his crib is melting hearts.

Dad Jason Eadie shared the footage on TikTok last month, after watching the scene unfold on his son’s baby monitor. 

“I know I’m biased, but it’s the honestly the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen,” Eadie, of Delray Beach, Florida, told TODAY Parents

In the clip, that has more than 29 million views, Brooklyn 4, and Blake, 3, work together to free 2-year-old Bryson.

“Do you want to get out of your crib and play with me? I can teach you,” Blake tells Bryson. He then instructs the toddler to use his dresser to climb out. But Bryson, who was sound asleep, appears uninterested. He just wants to go back to bed.

“Bryce, you have to,” Blake says, to which a grumpy Bryson responds, "No."

Moments later, sister Brooklyn appears.

“You want out?” she asks.

Suddenly, Bryson has a change of heart and stands up.

“You got it, you’re a big boy,” she says. “You got this.”

And he does. 

Bryson steps out on to the dresser as Blake and Brooklyn cheer him on. They help him down and the three begin playing together. 

“We call them the triplets,” Eadie said. “They’re very close in age and love doing everything together. I love listening to their conversations.”

So does Kristen Bell. The actor shared Eadie's video on her Instagram Monday.

“The curiosity, the patience, the laziness, the protection, the encouragement, the second chances, the teamwork the slow determination,” she wrote. “This entire video is the energy I’ll bring to 2022.”