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See the adorable moment a grandfather learns he’s going to be a great-grandfather

Kaylie Burchardt's surprise pregnancy announcement was a family affair.
/ Source: TODAY

When Kaylie Burchardt found out she was pregnant, she never expected the moment might go viral.

"My husband and I got married in October 2020 ... and we always thought we would wait to have kids," Burchardt told TODAY Parents.

Burchardt, 26, and her husband, Colby, 25, found out they were going to be parents just one year after their wedding.

"Unfortunately we had a miscarriage in November 2021," she said, adding that the couple trusted in God's timing. "We were waiting and trying to figure out what our next steps were and surprisingly got pregnant very soon after on December 30."

The mom-to-be said this time, the couple chose to keep their pregnancy a secret until they had time to talk to doctors and process the news.

In February 2022, the couple decided to fly to Dallas unannounced to share their big news with family.

"The weekend we chose to go was the weekend of the ice storm," Burchardt said. "We were able to (somehow) land in Dallas when 80% of the flights got canceled."

No one knew the Burchardts were in town.

"When we landed in Dallas, the first thing we did was call my brother," Burchardt said, adding that her sibling was off work due to the storm. "He came and picked us up from the airport and we surprised him at lunch by giving him a whiskey tumbler glass saying, 'You’ve been promoted to uncle.'"

After lunch, Burchardt wanted to share the happy news with her mom and dad.

"We headed to my parents' house (and) surprised them by walking in the door saying you’re going to be grandparents," the mom-to-be told TODAY. "They were so, so surprised that they were going to be grandparents, but also that we were in town."

Burchardt had one final person to tell — her grandfather, Bill Pickarts.

"We walked in the door and surprised him that we were in town," she said. "That’s when I handed him the box that had (a) mug in it and said I’d gotten a little gift for him."

Burchardt posted the video of Pickarts' reaction to social media.

"'You put the great in grandpa,' how sweet is that," Pickarts said while examining the mug, before he'd fully processed the import of the mug's message.

In the video, Pickarts' girlfriend helps him realize the happy news.

"Are you gonna be a great-grandad?" she asks him.

"WHAT?! Oh my God," Pickarts exclaims, throwing his hands in the air and smiling. "I had no idea what that meant! Oh honey! Whoa! Oh, I'm so happy! Oh baby!"

Burchardt told TODAY her grandfather's reaction was priceless.

Bill Pickarts had the best reaction to his granddaughter's pregnancy announcement.
Bill Pickarts had the best reaction to his granddaughter's pregnancy announcement.Courtesy Kaylie Burchardt

"His reaction alone on the pregnancy was incredible. I was not expecting that type of reaction," she said. "Just to see the emotion on his face was amazing, but then seeing it pop of everywhere on the internet. It’s hard to believe. It’s insane."

The video, posted on Feb. 6, has gotten more than 20,000 likes.

"The coolest part is every day it pops up somewhere new. It’s just being able to share the news with my family of how viral it’s gone," said Burchardt, who plans to find out if she's having a boy or girl in a few weeks. "We’ve received comments from people we don’t even know. This baby feels so loved already."