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This little girl having a meltdown is everyone dreading football season

She just wants to watch "PJ Masks."
Two-year-old Mara Grace has opinions about watching football. 
Two-year-old Mara Grace has opinions about watching football. Rylee Grace / @ryleelainegrace via Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

When Rylee Grace was pregnant, her husband, Alex, a football fanatic, dreamed of watching games with their daughter, Mara. Alex even purchased baby jerseys.

But Mara, who is now 2, doesn’t get what all the fuss is about.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Alex is seen standing in front of the television in the family's living room. Judging from his body language, it appears to be a pivotal moment in the game. Mara, however, couldn’t care less. She’s upset that her dad is hogging the TV again. 

“You don’t like football?” Rylee asks her daughter.

Alex responds for her

"You're gonna have to learn to like it," he says

With tears in her eyes, Mara replies that she does not like football and instead wants to watch the animated superhero series "PJ Masks." 

“Daddy’s watching football,” Rylee reminds her. 

“I. DON’T. WANT. FOOTBALL!” an exasperated Mara replies.

The adorable clip has been viewed more than five million times and counting since it was posted on Sept. 11. 

“OMG she is EVERY GIRLFRIEND/WIFE IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW,” one person wrote in the comments 

Added another, “I feel this so hard.”

While chatting with TODAY Parents, Rylee joked that Alex is hoping their next kid will share his love of the Dallas Cowboys.

“Alex is obsessed with football. I think he’s in three fantasy leagues at the moment,” Rylee shared. “Every Sunday, Monday and Thursday, you’ll find him watching football. If we’re at a restaurant, we have to sit at a the table closest to the TV.”

And in case anyone is wondering, Mara got her "PJ Masks" fix on an iPad!