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See Kristin Chenoweth react to Savannah Guthrie's daughter playing Glinda in school play

The Broadway star had some kind words for 7-year-old Vale.

The role of Glinda has been brought to life by a long line of famous performers: Kristin Chenoweth, Megan Hilty, Brittney Johnson and more. Now, they are joined by Savannah Guthrie's 7-year-old daughter Vale.

And on Wednesday's TODAY, Savannah shared the news with Chenoweth, who Vale calls the "OG Glinda."

"She tried out for her play, and she was cast as Glinda," Savannah said. "And she has been asking me ever since, 'Did you tell Miss Chenoweth?'"

As Savannah delivered the news, Chenoweth's jaw dropped, before letting out an excited scream as pictures from Vale's "big debut" rolled on the screen.

The 7-year-old Vale was cast as Glinda in her school play in December.
The 7-year-old Vale was cast as Glinda in her school play in December.TODAY

When Savannah first mentioned Vale, Chenoweth instantly remembered her, calling her "my clone." That was before she saw Vale in her Glinda costume, donning a bright pink dress with puffed sleeves and a silver crown, carrying a wand. Clone, indeed!

"Oh honey, Vale, I'm so proud of you, and it is the best part," Chenoweth said.

When Broadway reopened after 18 months, Vale met "Miss Chenoweth" while celebrating the return of "Wicked," which first began its Broadway run in 2003 with Chenoweth in the original cast. Their meeting featured a serenade from Chenoweth, who sang the show's ending ballad "For Good" as Vale shared her own stories of ballet class. After, they shared a hug.

Vale looks up to Chenoweth “very much,” Savannah said.

Chenoweth recently released a children's book, “What Will I Do with My Love Today?” The story is about rescuing animals but also highlights the importance of family, and the fact that not all families look like the same. Chenoweth herself opened up about her own experience being adopted. Chenoweth's mother would tell her that her birth mother gave her life, and her parents gave her "a life."

Chenoweth also spoke about the recent casting of singer Ariana Grande as Glinda in the upcoming film adaptation of "Wicked."

"I think that crown and wand are going to the exact correct person," she said.

After the interview, Chenoweth had one last parting message for Vale: "Hi Vale, I'm proud of you," she said, waving at the camera.

"She's going to flip!" Savannah said.

"I'm like mom of the year right now," she added.