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Cute overload: Adorable Halloween costume ideas for kid-and-pet duos

The connection between pets and kids is undeniable, so consider dressing your furry family member as your child's sidekick on Halloween.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Whether you practiced parenting on your fur babies until your human baby came along, or you ended up with your pet because your child begged and pleaded for a companion — the connection between pets and kids is undeniable.

So with Halloween approaching, it’s only natural to consider complimenting your kid’s costume by dressing your furry family member as their sidekick.

From circus clowns to video game characters, we’ve rounded up 14 of the cutest kid-pet duos around to give you some costume inspiration.

1. Knight and dragon

Because you know your kid chases the dog around the yard with a sword when you’re not watching anyway, consider letting him slay his own dragon this Halloween by dressing the dog as his nemesis.

2. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Why grandmother, what big eyes you have! Your little storybook character will look even more authentic when accompanied by her very own wolf in disguise. Have her carry dog treats in her basket of goodies, and dear, old Granny will never leave her side.

3. Police officers

Never have two cuter partners patrolled the neighborhood. Let your child and your pet take a bite out of crime on Halloween by dressing them as a pair of police officers.

4. Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka

Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination – where cute kids and pets dress up as characters from the classic film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Just cross your fingers and hope that no one gets turned into a blueberry.

5. Mario and Luigi

There truly isn't a more iconic pair of video game characters than Mario and Luigi of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. franchise. Since your fur baby technically is your child’s sibling, dressing them as these two brothers makes total sense.

6. Farm animals

The possibilities for pairing up your kids and pets in farm animal costumes are endless. What could be cuter than your own little herd of cows, chickens, and pigs running around your suburban neighborhood?

7. Super heroes

As with farm animals, there is no shortage of options when it comes to dressing your clan up as super heroes. Batman and Robin? The Avengers? The sky is the limit for super-powered costume choices.

8. The Wizard of Oz

If you have a dog, coordinating with your family’s Dorothy, scarecrow, tin man and lion costumes is as simple as clicking the heels of your ruby slippers together. Let your furry companion be Toto, or if you have more than one pet, consider letting them be flying monkeys or munchkins.

9. Walk like an Egyptian

Whether it’s Cleopatra, Marc Antony, a sphinx or a pharaoh, consider dressing your kids and pets up as historical figures from ancient Egypt for an original take on matching costumes.

10. Sherlock Holmes and Watson

Elementary, my dear Watson! Let your little one and your fur baby get caught up in some sleuthing by dressing them up as the famous detective and his assistant.

11. Circus Clowns

Have the neighborhood laughing and cheering for more by dressing your duo up as a pair of circus clowns. Bonus points if they develop a routine and perform a few tricks!

12. Tooth fairy and tooth

Dress your pet as a shiny, white tooth and let your child be the tooth fairy, complete with wings and wand. If any of their trick-or-treating friends lose a tooth biting into a candy bar, they’ll be ready to collect.

13. Bus and bus schedule

Dressing your Greyhound as a Greyhound bus – or turning any kind of dog into a walking transportation mode is just plain adorable. Let your child pose as a bus schedule sign and you’ve got a pair that’s ready to be on the move.

14. Horse and jockey

If you’ve got a large-breed dog, you’ve probably joked that he’s as big as a horse. All kidding aside, dressing your little one up as a jockey and letting her go for a ride makes for one cute Halloween getup.