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CrossFit competitor who worked out at 9 months pregnant has baby boy

Emily Breeze Ross Watson, who made waves after sharing photos of her doing CrossFit workouts while pregnant, has given birth to a healthy baby boy.
/ Source: TODAY

Personal trainer Emily Breeze Ross Watson is a CrossFit competitor, a former Division I athlete, and now, a mom.

"Today we fell deep in love with our first born child," she wrote in a caption accompanying a sweet photo of her newborn son, Bly Rhunar Watson, on Instagram. "There are so many emotions I don't know where to begin."

Ross Watson, 31, of North Carolina, made waves on the Internet after photos of her lifting weights and doing intense CrossFit workouts while pregnant caused some to question whether the activities were healthy or appropriate.

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"Honestly, people have taken it to such extremes," Ross Watson, whose initial due date was April 29, recently told TODAY. "The craziest thing I've experienced is a lot of males' (criticisms). And the last time I checked, there were not a lot of males carrying babies ... And a lot of young people who are 22 and under; I think that's the kind of people that spend time trolling on there anyways, and don't have much else to do."

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The purpose of the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts documenting her pregnant workouts, she said, was to "present fitness and wellness to my community, to my friends and my clients.

"It's caused a buzz and traveled across the world. And I'm happy for that, because I want fitness to be on a platform for folks. And I want fitness to be accessible. And I want women to feel empowered."

As for questions over whether her activities were "healthy," she stated that her doctor supports her choices and thinks it may even have been the right move for her.

"I've been with my same OB-GYN for over 11 years, and he's known me in every stage of my athletic career," she told us. "So, he always assured me that pregnancy is not a disease, not an illness ... You have to listen to your body and let your body do what it's comfortable doing. And, most likely, it will allow you to do so, because that's what it's always known."

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It helps that her husband was a college athlete just like her, and understands why she chose to continue working out at such an intense level.

"I don't think I would have married him if he wasn't able to communicate and support me," she said. "He knows that the ultimate goal for both of us is to bring a healthy baby into this world."

With two fitness-focused parents, perhaps it's little Bly's destiny to become a competitive athlete, too. As one commenter aptly points out, he "even came out (of) the womb flexing his biceps."