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Craig Melvin's mom chimes in on his ear piercing — and his reaction is priceless!

The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host got the piercing to support his daughter, but now his mother has something to say about it.
/ Source: TODAY

Craig Melvin scored major dad points this week when he decided to not only accompany his almost 5-year-old daughter as she got her ears pierced for an early birthday present, but he also got a piercing of his own just to help her overcome some last-minute nerves.

That happened despite his declaration that he’s not “an ear piercing kind of guy.” But he is a hero kind of guy to his daughter, Sybil.

And on the 3rd hour of TODAY Thursday, he found out what another woman in his life thinks of his unexpected gesture — his mother.

Craig’s TODAY pals surprised him with a pre-taped clip straight from Betty Jo Melvin herself, which inspired him to say “Oh, no!” before he even heard a word of her message.

“What did I say when I found out that Craig got his ear pierced? I said, ‘Oh, my goodness! I can’t believe my child, Craig Melvin, has gotten his ear pierced,’” she noted matter-of-factly, as she stood with one hand on her hip.

Craig Melvin was surprised on-air during the 3rd hour of TODAY Thursday as he heard what his mom had to say about his new ear piercing. TODAY

The only thing better than watching Betty Jo speak her mind was seeing her adult son turn into a child again — squirming in his seat, looking absolutely stunned and whispering to Al Roker, “You called my mom?!”

But as he listened to what she had to say, he soon realized that he wasn’t in trouble with the woman who gave him those ears.

“Craig is so traditional, so conservative,” she continued. “But his mom is happy that he stepped out of the box. Yay, Craig!”

That, he said, was a “pleasant surprise."

He added, "I wasn’t expecting it to end that way, because my mother would not have approved of me getting my ear pierced had I asked her in advance. Thank you, Ma! That was so sweet.”

And really, that “yay” should extend to the whole Melvin family, because he wasn’t the only one who joined Sybil in adding a little bling to his ear.

Craig Melvin and his family all got ear piercings to mark Sybil's birthday.Craig Melvin

After his girl asked him, “Daddy, would you do yours first?” She wasn’t next. Her big brother, Delano, 7, decided to get an earring, too, and mom, Lindsay Czarniak, followed him with a couple of piercings of her own before giving Sybil a shot in the seat.

“It was good for the family,” Craig explained when he first revealed his new accessory Wednesday. “It was great bonding.”

Just don’t expect the 42-year-old's brand-new onyx stud to stay put for long.

“I'll keep it long enough to appease her, likely until I have to get a puppy or something,” he joked.