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Craig Melvin got his ear pierced for the sweetest reason

Craig just raised the fatherhood bar a few notches!
/ Source: TODAY

He wasn’t planning on getting his left ear pierced when he woke up on Tuesday morning, but TODAY’s Craig Melvin would do just about anything to support his daughter.

Craig’s little girl, Sybil, turns 5 this weekend and announced she wanted her ears pierced as a present. But when it came time to get it done, she was nervous. That’s when her dad stepped in.

“When we got there, she was like, ‘Daddy, would you do yours first?’” he told TODAY. “And I was like, ‘Uhhh…’”

But he decided to go ahead with it, choosing a black onyx stud for his left ear. After Craig got his ear pierced, his 7-year-old son, Dell, also decided to join the fun and get a piercing. He even picked the same earring as his dad. Craig's wife, Lindsay Czarniak, got two new holes and Sybil was happy to fulfill her birthday wish, picking tiny Hello Kitty-themed studs for the occasion.

Sybil Melvin celebrated her birthday by getting her ears pierced!Craig Melvin

“It was good for the family,” Craig laughed, adding that his daughter was thrilled about the entire event. “It was great bonding.”

Craig Melvin and his family all got ear piercings to mark Sybil's birthday.Craig Melvin

They’re doing the classic birthday party this weekend for Sybil, though Craig joked he shouldn’t have to do anything else after adorning his left ear for his daughter.

“I feel like that’s the party, right?” he quipped. “No, we'll do a traditional birthday party where we'll have to spend two hours explaining to all of our family and friends why it is we're all walking around with pierced ears.”

As for Craig, even though he’s “not a spontaneous kind of guy,” he does love a good story.

“All of my family and friends who've known me for a long time are flat-out stunned about the piercing,” he laughed. “I'm not the piercing kind of guy.”

Now the big question is: Just how permanent is Craig's new ear candy?

“I'll keep it long enough to appease her, likely until I have to get a puppy or something,” he said.

And uh, Sybil? Your dad told us he'd rather get three more piercings than a puppy, but we have a feeling that if the piercing party was an indicator, you'll get any birthday wish you please.