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Craig Melvin admits he did this on his son's first day of kindergarten

The TODAY co-anchor shared a story on the show that proves he's one relatable dad.
/ Source: TODAY

The very first day of school can be scary for a kindergartener — but that's nothing compared to how scary it can be for the parent of a kindergartener.

TODAY's own Craig Melvin illustrated that latter point perfectly when he shared what it was like to send his son, Delano, off to school Tuesday.

As it turned out, the 5-year-old was pretty fearless when it came to his new adventure.

"He had a blast," Del's proud pop explained on the show Wednesday morning. "He loved it. Had a great first day."

Craig noted his little guy was even "very excited getting on that school bus." And that might have been all he had to say about it, if it weren't from some gentle prodding from fellow father Al Roker.

Craig Melvin and son Delano shared a special moment in Studio 1A in April on Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"Tell them what you did!" Al shouted from off-camera.

That sparked a somewhat reluctant response from Craig.

"I may have followed the school bus," the 40-year-old admitted. "Just to make sure he got there OK."

That sweet confession is likely one that many parents could make this time of year. After all, those big yellow buses set out with the most precious cargo of all.

Saying goodbye, even just for the school day, is tough stuff the first time, but it was a struggle Craig shared with wife Lindsay Czarniak, with whom he also has a 2-year-old daughter named Sybil.

When asked if he shed any tears on Tuesday, he said, "Maybe a few — mom and dad."

And if mom and dad want to get the waterworks flowing again, all they have to do is read the message Al left for them when Craig shared a pic from Delano's big day on Instagram.

"The best," Al wrote. "Before you know, dropping (him off) at college."

One milestone at a time, Al!

They grow up so fast.