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Sign from above? Couple believes ultrasound shows Jesus watching over their baby

After two difficult pregnancies, couple takes comfort in an ultrasound they believe shows Jesus watching over their daughter.
/ Source: TODAY

After enduring two difficult pregnancies, a Pennsylvania mom believes she received a heavenly sign for her third.

Alicia Zeek, 32, went for an ultrasound on Aug. 1, and the mother of two from Chambersburg did a double-take when she saw the snapshot image. To her, it looked like Jesus in a white robe appeared on the left side, watching over her unborn daughter.

A Pennsylvania couple believes this sonogram shows Jesus on the left watching over their unborn daughter. What do you see? Alicia Zeek

"I didn't really know if what I was seeing was really there,'' Zeek told TODAY. "Once I blinked a couple times and realized it was, an overwhelming sense of peace came over me."

Her fiance, Zac Smith, agreed.

"When I showed it to Zac, he told me, 'See babe, everything is going to be OK,''' Zeek said.

Alicia Zeek believes the sonogram is a positive sign after difficult births with her first two children, Alazeah, 7, and Kayson, 2. Alicia Zeek

Zeek's oldest daughter, Alazeah, 7, was born with pre-axial polydactyly, a condition that resulted in her having two thumbs on her left hand.

Her son, Kayson, 2, was born with a cleft lip and palette after a birth that was life-threatening for Zeek.

The sonogram helped ease the couple's anxiety, and the birth of their daughter, Briella, went off without any complications on Aug. 22.

"My family has all agreed that she is a blessing,'' Zeek said.

Last year a mom from Kentucky saw what she believed to be Jesus on a cross in an ultrasound image.

Expectant parents have also seen a fetus clapping, another giving a thumbs-up, and twins sharing a kiss in their ultrasound images.

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