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Crack! Splat! Couple finds out baby's sex in suspenseful game of egg roulette

With the crack of a raw egg, this couple playfully learned whether their unborn child was a girl...or a boy.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

As the suspense was building, this egg-citing gender reveal came down to the wire.

Not content to simply slice into a cake or pop a balloon to discover if their first child would be a boy or a girl, Molli and Dallen Reber played a rousing round of egg roulette in front of their family and friends.

The egg-pectant couple: Molli and Dallen ReberDr. Michael Huang Photography

“We wanted to do something silly and fun-spirited and a little goofy,” says Molli, 26, whose videotaped, egg-smashing reveal has gone viral. “And we wanted to do something we hadn’t seen done before.”

The Lexington, Kentucky, couple were given a dozen eggs prepared by Molli’s sister, who knew the result of her ultrasound and dyed six eggs pink and six blue and hard-boiled all but one telling egg. Cheered on at their reveal last month, the expectant parents took turns cracking an egg on their foreheads, inspired by the egg Russian roulette game that Jimmy Fallon plays with his guests.

But after Molli and Dallen had smashed five eggs apiece, with no runny yolk in sight, there was just a pink and a blue egg left. Molli feared that her little sister was pranking them and hadn’t left one raw.

“The suspense was crazy,” Molli told “You never knew if the next egg was going to be the one that broke.”

Molli Reber's gender-reveal idea was no yolk.Molli Reber

On the count of three, the couple cracked the final two eggs together, with Dallen taking the blue and Molli grabbing the pink. Molli said she assumed she was having a boy, and wanted to let Dallen get the gooey glory of finding out.

But in shocking finish, it was Molli who happily had egg on her face, thrilled to learn they are expecting a girl in June.

“I was super-surprised,” says Molli, one of three sisters. “My jaw dropped. I was just so excited. I come from a family of all girls, so it seems fitting it was a girl.”

The couple loved the way they learned the news about their baby. “It was a great day,” Molli says. “We’ll always remember it.” contributor Lisa A. Flam is a news and lifestyle reporter in New York. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.