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Could Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal baby have this unusual name?

There's been a surge in bets over the last few days.
Meghan Markle baby, royal baby
As the Duke and Duchess of Sussex await their new addition (and the whole world with them), baby name speculation is running rampant!DOMINIC LIPINSKI / AFP/Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

With Baby Sussex due any day now, people are speculating feverishly about what the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will name their firstborn.

Grace and Diana remain the top choices for a girl, but an unexpected name is rising quickly in the ranks: Allegra.

According to Ladbrokes, a British betting company, there’s been a “flood of bets” over the past day or so that the royal baby, if it’s a girl, will be named Allegra.

could the royal baby be named 'Allegra'?
Will the Duke and Duchess break with royal baby name tradition?Getty Images

Bookies have slashed odds for the name from 100-1 to 12-1, meaning that Allegra is now the sixth most likely name for the future royal and the third most likely girl’s name.

“We’re confident the name will be among the frontrunners by the time the birth is announced,” Alex Apati, spokesperson for Ladbrokes, told TODAY Pop Culture in an email.

The sudden surge in popularity of an unusual name like Allegra isn’t typical in the world of royal baby betting, Apati added.

“We’ve never seen such an obscure name priced so short for any other royal baby,” he said.

Allegra is an Italian name meaning “joyful and merry,” according to the baby website Baby Center. It’s a pretty name, but it’s definitely not a traditional choice, and some are wondering why it’s rising to the top.

“In truth we’re not entirely sure!” Apati told TODAY. “We’ve heard whispers it would have been Diana’s go-to name were she to have given birth to a girl and my guess would be that punters have latched onto that.”

Diana In Tiara
The name Allegra was reportedly a favorite of Princess Diana.Getty Images

A subtle connection to Princess Diana would be a sweet tribute to Prince Harry’s late mother. Then again, Diana itself is still the second most popular name in Ladbrokes’ rankings, with odds of 6-1.

Other leading names for a girl include Grace, Elizabeth, Alice and Victoria, while top choices for a boy include Arthur, Philip, James and Albert.

Of course, if the royal couple are expecting twins, as some people think they might be, they could use two of those names or pick different ones entirely.

Buckingham Palace hasn’t commented on the Allegra speculation, but it did recently deny rumors that a hidden clue on the official royal website might have revealed the baby’s gender or name.

Keen royal fans noticed that the Palace appeared to have reserved website URLs for certain male names, including Prince Arthur, Prince Alexander and Prince James. However, the Palace said these websites had been created “some time ago” and that they had nothing to do with Baby Sussex.

Whatever the baby’s actual name is, we (hopefully) won’t have to wait much longer to find out!