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Watch a comedian's spot-on imitation of a toddler avoiding bedtime

Parents are responding to the video by sharing their own kids' crazy excuses.
/ Source: TODAY

Comedian Shaun Johnson doesn’t have kids, but he nailed the hours-long struggle that accompanies bedtime.

In a now-viral Instagram video, Johnson, 35, doubles as a toddler hell-bent on delaying sleep, and a mom who just wants to watch Netflix.

The clip begins with a familiar question: “Why are you out of bed?”

“I was scared but then I wasn’t very scared, but then I got scared again,” the "toddler" explains. Later, he chalks it up to an itchy sock. At one point he has a query about Donald Trump, and then another about "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City." The excuses keep coming and each one is funnier than the next.

Johnson, who lives in Utah, said he almost didn’t share the sketch.

“I’m not a parent so I wasn’t sure if I got it right,” he told TODAY Parents.

But Johnson's imitation was spot-on, and moms and dads everywhere are responding with their own stories.

“Most relatable video I’ve ever seen. Why is it that bedtime turns them into dehydrated world philosophers that need a hug?” wrote one person in the comments.

"I just need a drink... I'm still hungry... I'm not tired... My tummy hurts... You didn't tuck me in right... I can't sleep... I heard a noise... I thought it was morning... Can't you just read me one more book... Can't you just sing me one more song... I thought I heard you say my name!!!" another weary parent wrote.

Added another, “Paused this video for my son to slink down the stairs and tell me the skin on his fingernail hurt.”

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