Clear eyes, full hearts: TODAY's Babies of the Week


"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." It's a phrase made popular by the TV show "Friday Night Lights," but it also perfectly describes this week's compilation of Friday morning tykes.  

Each week as part of our TODAY's Babies of the Week contest, we ask parents to send in photos of their newborns along with advice they have for other parents. 

Ashley and Matthew McClain, parents of Evelyn Ashley, born Feb. 15, have a great perspective. They say: “Listen to the advice and words and wisdom from others, but do what works for you and your little one.” 

Niki and Ian Sprouse, parents of Ethan, born Feb. 19., add that it's important to be flexible when parenting a newborn. “You have to go with the flow and listen to what baby is trying to tell you," they say.

And April and John Zwitkowits, parents of Cole, born Feb. 16, say never underestimate your own gut. “Trust your instincts," they say.

Each week, Kathie Lee and Hoda select a few JOHNSON'S Babies of the Week to be featured on TODAY. And because your kids are way too cute to stop there, we choose more little ones for our online gallery. 

If you have had a baby in the past two months, click on the “add photos” link and enter your little doll’s mug (newborn to 8 weeks old) for consideration to be featured on a future show and online in an upcoming week.  Click here to see advice on the kind of photos we're looking for in this contest.

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And here a dozen bright-eyed babes that make you realize that when it comes to being a parent, we are all winners.