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Cindy Crawford shares her experience having two home births

The model reflected on her home births given that some expectant moms are considering it given new hospital restrictions because of coronavirus.
/ Source: TODAY

As more hospitals place restrictions on visitors during the coronavirus outbreak, some expectant mothers have considered the option of giving birth at home.

Cindy Crawford said she wanted to share her experience of having two home births as a way to help expectant mothers learn more about the option.

"This is a challenging time for all of us but my heart especially goes out to expecting mothers and their partner," the supermodel wrote on Instagram. "As the Covid-19 cases rise and birth policies at hospitals are changing every day, many women are curious about #homebirth."

Crawford has two kids, son Presley, 20, and daughter Kaia, 18. She reflected on her experience of giving birth at home twice during an Instagram Live interview on Monday with Carson Meyer, a birth doula based in Malibu, California.

"I never considered home birth. I never thought about it," Crawford said. She had intended to give birth to Presley in New York City with an epidural.

That all changed when she went to a prenatal yoga class when she was 20 weeks pregnant. Crawford said her yoga teacher didn't push people one way or another, but instead opened her eyes to the fact she had choices.

At 30 weeks, she made the decision that she would give birth at home. Crawford said her husband Rande Gerber wasn't immediately on board with the idea, but she "felt supported" with her choice.

Building a relationship with her midwife helped.

"I had a real relationship with her. When I started seeing her at 30 weeks and would come see her every week, yes it was checking vitals, but also getting to know me so she understood what might come up for me in the birth experience," Crawford said.

After having a successful experience at home with Presley, Crawford and Gerber decided to do it again two years later with daughter Kaia.

"The tricky part is, what do you do with a 2-year-old when mom is in labor? You don't want to scare them," Crawford said. Luckily, she said she started labor overnight. A babysitter came in the morning and took Presley to the park.

When they returned a few hours later, Kaia was born. Crawford said the experience of being home after all the labor is over is "magical."

Ultimately, she said each mother will make the best choice for herself, whether it's giving birth at home or at a hospital.

"I would never push anyone or talk anyone into doing home birth," she said. "I just think it's nice to know it's an option that is available."