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Christina Anstead refutes claim that she's an 'absent mother'

The "Flip or Flop" star wrote an open-hearted note on Instagram about the isolation of the past few months.

In a candid Instagram post, Christina Anstead opened up about feeling "incredibly" isolated amid the coronavirus pandemic and her separation from Ant Anstead.

The "Flip or Flop" star posted a selfie clad in a sweatshirt and jeans alongside a long caption.

"This year has been incredibly isolating," she wrote. "Activities like church, travel, dinner, movies, sports- canceled. No longer seeing my friends smiling faces on set (all covered by masks) it all feels like s--. So many changes for so many people. So despite what you see on Instagram most people are struggling."

She then took aim at claims that she was an absent mother, though it was unclear who has accused her of being one.

"When I get told “you must be an absent mother because you are not with your kids” - smh wake up people," she wrote. "I hardly post anymore ... and I def do not want to post my kids every freaking day to make it a contest of who’s a better parent f that. This doesn’t mean I’m not with my kids - it means the opposite - I am with them- I’m present."

Anstead ended the post with a plea to stop judging parents based off what they post on social media.

"So stop parent shaming people, stop choosing sides when there is no side to choose," she said. "My point being - when you see stuff on here take it all with a grain of salt. There is a whole lot of Filters and fake smiles. I’ve been guilty of faking it too. We are all struggling - some of us are just better at 'masking' it."

Fans were quick to support her.

"No need to explain yourself! Anyone can see you're an amazing mother! Ignore the haters and keep doing you!" wrote one.

"No one posts the worst moments of their lives on IG. It’s all filters and fun. You are doing a great job. It can’t be easy to be in the spot light. Block the haters and focus on what’s important. You got this! You’re doing great!" added a second.

Anstead has three children. She shares daughter Taylor, 10, and son Brayden, 5, with her first ex-husband and "Flip or Flop" co-host Tarek El Moussa. She and Ant Anstead, who announced their divorce in mid-September, share son Hudson, 1.

At the time, Anstead again called out those who would judge her.

"I never thought I would have one divorce let alone two," Anstead wrote on Instagram. "I never thought I would have 2 baby daddies - but sometimes life throws us curve balls. Instead of getting stuck in these 'setbacks' I choose to look at these challenges as opportunities to grow. So while some may judge me and throw around rumors about me, most of you support me. And that says a lot about this world and where we are headed."