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Chrissy Teigen reveals son Miles is finished wearing his helmet: 'Such a trooper'

Miles had been wearing the helmet since December to help shape a flat part of his head.
/ Source: TODAY

Chrissy Teigen has some good news to share about her son, Miles.

The supermodel revealed Wednesday on Twitter that he no longer has to wear his corrective helmet.

“Such a trooper for 3 months of helmet. happy graduation, Miles!!” she wrote.

In the video, the supermodel beamed about her son’s big accomplishment.

“Happy helmet-free day!" she announced as Miles cooed and played with his mom’s mouth. "No more helmet. No more helmet.”

Teigen also confirmed that the helmet was designed specifically for Miles.

"Aren't they custom made?" one person asked. "They reshape the flat part of the babies head, that's got to be individual, right? *Genuinely asking as I know no-one who's baby needed one*."

"Yeah, they get shaved and shaped down every week, depending on how much the child's head is morphing. it's amazing!" Teigen replied.

Miles, who was born last May, got the helmet in December. Teigen was quick to point out that it was not a big deal.

"My baby bug got his head shaping helmet today!" she wrote. "Please don’t feel bad for him if you see photos. He is a happy bug and we’re just fixing his flat!"

Some people had criticized Teigen for putting Miles in the helmet, but she said other measures were taken prior to placing him in one.

"Good morning trolls!" she wrote. "Just a friendly reminder that you do not indeed know absolutely everything. Miles has been seeing a physiotherapist - we didn’t just go straight to helmet. We tried muscle work and will continue. Also your flat headed kid turned out fine yes yes yes I agree."