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Chrissy Teigen on handling the mom shaming: 'It gets to me'

The mom of two feels the pressure of raising her kids in the spotlight. But it doesn't mean she avoids social media.
/ Source: TODAY

Chrissy Teigen has always been candid about everything in life from plastic surgery and husband John Legend to the struggles of raising children. She loves sharing videos and pictures of herself in less-than-desirable situations like breastfeeding in public or showing off her postpartum body. This, of course, has caused her to be a magnet for criticism and often gets shamed for her parenting.

While the 32-year-old seems to brush off the negative comments (she recently clapped back at a Twitter troll who bashed her for feeding daughter Luna Cesar salad), the TV personality admitted it does hurt her feelings.

“It definitely gets to me,” Teigen told TODAY Parents at the Chase holiday pop-up shop in New York City (Teigen is a spokesperson for Chase’s Ultimate Rewards #OneLessThing campaign). “Certain days it gets to me more than other days. And I realized if I read Twitter too early when I wake up, I tend to be like a little more moody with it and things get to me more.”

While the mom of two revealed that she’s “definitely gotten used to seeing every possible type of comment” and it doesn’t affect her as much as it used to, she’s still hyper-aware of everything she posts on social media.

“It's weird because you have to think of everything,” she said. “If I want to share a picture or take a video of, of Luna singing in her car seat, I have to make sure every little piece of the car seat is in the right place or else everyone will get mad at me for having it the wrong way. And as moms, we’re very defensive and want to protect our babies. So, people can say anything about me, but if it gets into the kids, I become mama bear.”

Although the spotlight is on Teigen more than the average mom, she believes all moms face similar pressure. “I catch myself giving like unsolicited tips too and sometimes that can come off badly,” she said. “But I think we're all just trying to help each other out sometimes. You just have to have your view and stick with it and stay true to what you believe is best for your kids. Stop caring what everybody else has to say because everybody has an opinion.”

That mindset has helped Teigen really enjoy motherhood. “It's amazing and fascinating,” she said of raising two-year-old Luna and six-month-old Miles. “As easy as boys are, I love the challenge of the girl. They're so dramatic and so smart. They know how to pull at your heart. I'm like, you've been alive for a thousand days and how are you like this already?”

She added, “I kind of understand men more now because I'm like wow, we are crazy girls!”