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Chrissy Teigen has creative way of telling Luna a bedtime story — see the clip!

/ Source: TODAY

As every parent knows, a good bedtime story bears repeating — and repeating and repeating. In fact, a real favorite may require extra readings throughout the day.

So the key to keeping it fresh is to get creative, something model and mom Chrissy Teigen has mastered.

The 31-year-old recently shared her technique in an adorable Instagram video, in which she doesn't just read — she raps!

Teigen reclines alongside her daughter, 1-year-old Luna, and holds a well-worn copy of Sandra Boynton's "Barnyard Dance!" in the clip. But rather than giving the verse a traditional do-si-do approach, she snaps out, "Prance with the horses / Skitter with the mice / Swing yo' partner once or twice!"

As for Luna, who's dressed perfectly for the occasion with a fashionable "gansta napper" onesie, she loves it — and so does her dad, John Legend.

The little girl bounces and claps along as mom delivers the rhymes and dad chuckles from behind the camera.

But those aren't the only moves Luna knows.

In a clip the "Lip Sync Battle" co-host shared last month, the tot gets down to the sweet sound of her grandma, Vilailuck Teigen, chanting "dance, dance dance!"