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By Rebecca Dube

Chris Pratt wrangles dinosaurs in the new "Jurassic World" movie, which comes out June 12, but he's also got hands-on experience wrangling babies. (And really, a velociraptor has nothing on a hungry baby or a squirmy toddler.) Here, he shares with TODAY his favorite parenting trick for soothing babies, especially during those first few months.

Note: The "Mamaroo" that he swears by is a fancy baby bouncer. It looks awesome — it moves in all different directions and has specific settings like "car ride" — and it costs $270. If that's a bit out of your price range, regular baby bouncers start at about $25 at retailers near you. (My first child ADORED the bouncer — second baby hated it. You never know!)

Do you have parenting hacks of your own, or advice for making parenting less stressful and more joyful? Share them on our TODAY Parenting Team community, where we want to hear from you!

And because I will use any excuse to run photos of Chris Pratt holding cute children, here you go.

Celebrating coming home to his baby boy, Jack, in 2013, after shooting "Guardians of the Galaxy":

Cheering for the Seahawks with Jack and wife Ana Faris last fall:

Making good on a bet with Chris Evans ("Captain America"); they visited children's hospitals in Boston and Seattle dressed as their characters:

(Full disclosure: "Jurassic World" is produced by Universal Pictures, which is owned by the same parent company that owns NBC.)