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Chris Pratt gushes about his 'wildly cute, fun and awesome' son Jack

Chris Pratt takes his daddy duties seriously, and he loves bragging about his little boy.
/ Source: TODAY

Chris Pratt takes his daddy duties seriously. We've seen him teach his son the Pledge of Allegiance, take him fishing for "nibbles" and even marvel over a rainbow with him.

And there's another important dad skill Pratt's perfected: bragging about his boy!

Jack will be 4 soon, and the proud pop just can't believe how lucky he and wife Anna Faris are to have the little guy in their lives.

"It's really amazing," the actor raved when he spoke to E News! at Comic-Con. "It's gone by so quickly. He's an extraordinarily intelligent (child). The other day he told me, 'To obliterate is to have power.'"

But he has no idea where Jack is picking up those big words.

"I certainly don't use words like that," the "Guardians of the Galaxy" star insisted. "He's already outclassing me."

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And that wasn’t all Pratt had to say. He also boasted that his boy is "a smart and wildly cute, fun and awesome kid."

In fact, the actor is so taken by Jack, he now has some advice for anyone who doesn't have a kid of their own: "Go have one!"

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