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Chris Hemsworth and his 2-year-old son go fishing for dinner in adorable pic

/ Source: TODAY

As impressive as Chris Hemsworth is on screen, we might just be even bigger fans of his off-screen action — especially where his daddy duties are concerned.

He can bake a birthday cake, braid his little girl's hair, answer tough kid questions and even snuggle two tykes in one cozy nap. And now, thanks to an adorable photo his wife shared on Instagram, we know dad can catch dinner — with a little help.

The photo shows the "Thor" star and one of his 2-year-old twin sons reeling in a tiny catch while fishing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

"My men taking care of diner!!" Elsa Pataky wrote in the caption.

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That wee fish might not have been filling, but catching it was all part of the family fun during their 10-day vacation across the actor's home country.

They set out on the trip a few days ago, and from the photo Pataky recently shared of dad and the kids sacked out on the plane, it looked like an exhausting journey.

Or maybe just a cuddly one!

We can't wait to see what the always hands-on dad gets up to next.

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