Chris Hemsworth has perfect response when his daughter, 4, demands 'a penis!'

/ Source: TODAY

It's only natural for kids to want what they don't have, especially when their siblings have it.

Sometimes that means a bigger slice of cake. Other times, it's an in-demand toy. And every now and again — as father of three Chris Hemsworth just learned — it's a penis.

"Siblings kind of have their moments," the actor explained during an interview for Monday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show." "My daughter is kind of envious of my boys at the moment. She came to me the other day, and she was like, 'You know, papa, I want one of those things that Sasha and Tristan have.' I’m like, 'What do you mean?'”

But his nearly 4-year-old daughter, India, didn't leave him guessing for long.

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"She was like, 'You know, the things in between the legs that you have,'" he recalled. "I was like 'Oh, um. Well, you see, girls … ' and then my brain’s like, 'How do we handle this?!'"

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At first he stumbled for a response, telling her that, as a girl, she'll one day have things her 2-year-old twin brothers won't have — like breasts.

"I don’t want breasts," she shot back, before making her demand perfectly clear: "I want a penis!"

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But as Hemsworth searched for the just-right response, he suddenly realized that maybe he was overthinking it. In fact, in the end, the answer was an easy one.

'You know what? You can be whatever you want to be," he told her. "And she goes, 'Thanks, dad!' and runs off to the playground. And that was it."

At least for now.

He smiled as he noted he might "have to pick that conversation up in a few years' time."

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