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Watch the 'four generations' meme and try not to smile

This will provide your daily dose of cheer.
/ Source: TODAY

The Internet may have been taken over by the "Bird Box" challenge, but there’s another meme that’s catching on — and it just may melt your heart.

Twitter user Kassy Cho has posted videos of what she’s dubbed the “Chinese four generations meme,” which is as cute as can be.

The premise is pretty simple: One person calls out a relative from the previous generation, who then calls out another relative from the previous generation. On it goes until four generations appear.

“This Chinese four generations meme is so wholesome omg,” Cho writes.

Cho posted videos featuring other folks getting in on the fun, as well.

"The challenge involves four generations of family members making an appearance so a son calls his dad who calls his dad who calls his dad," reports Cho. You can't help but smile by the time the great-grandfather, with an ear-to-ear grin, comes into the frame.

Reaction on the Internet has been positive, to say the least.

Will this be the biggest meme of 2019? Time will tell, but, in the meantime, why don't you give your great-grandma a call?

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