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Chelsea Clinton: I love watching my mom sing to my baby

Chelsea Clinton with Elmo

Chelsea Clinton can't stop talking and singing to her infant daughter Charlotte — which has made her jokingly regret the way she remembers her own mother singing to her as a toddler. 

"I'm like, 'I'm so sorry, Mom,'" Chelsea told People magazine. "I love watching her sing to Charlotte."

The back story: Former first lady Hillary Clinton revealed in December that Chelsea grew sick of Hillary's singing when she was a toddler, often begging her to stop by saying, "No sing! No sing!" In fact, Hillary told Prince William and a pregnant Duchess Kate during a chat at a wildlife conservation event that it was a long-standing request from Chelsea that Hillary not sing to her.

Nonetheless, the former Secretary of State encouraged mothers to sing to their children for its learning benefits. And in a new video with the "Sesame Street" character Elmo, Chelsea and the fuzzy Muppet stress the importance of moms talking to their babies and young children. The video is a product of a partnership between the Clinton Foundation's Too Small to Fail initiative and Sesame Workshop. 

"My husband Marc and I read to Charlotte every night, and when her grandparents come over, they read to her as well," Clinton tells Elmo in the video. "It's so important that little kids — kids Charlotte's age, and kids your age, Elmo — be read to and talked to and sung to. It helps their brains develop." (On "Sesame Street," Elmo is a perpetual 3 and a half years old.)

Chelsea Clinton and Elmo.Today

The Too Small to Fail initiative, which also includes a nonprofit mobile information service for moms called Text4baby, offers tips to moms and ways for them to constantly talk to their babies. Chelsea practices what she preaches with Charlotte, who was born on Sept. 26 of last year.

"I start talking to her, when I'm changing her diaper in the morning and when we're picking out what clothes she's going to wear for the day,'' she told People. "I read her the news every morning. She agrees with me on everything right now."

Grandma and grandpa (better known as Bill and Hillary Clinton) also read to Charlotte regularly, as does Chelsea's husband, Marc Mezvinsky. 

Chelsea Clinton holds her daughter Charlotte as her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, looks on. Today

"We all kind of compete to see who's going to read her stories," Chelsea said. 

Former President Clinton also looks forward to the day when his granddaughter can start reading herself. 

"He loves walking up and down the hallway with her [past our bookshelves], every time pointing out a different book to her and telling her that someday she'll be old enough to read that book herself,'' Chelsea said. "It's so sweet."

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