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Bedhead bureau! Charley and Vale make cameo as Savannah co-anchors TODAY from home

Working from home provides perks, as Savannah Guthrie and other members of the TODAY team prove.
/ Source: TODAY

Savannah Guthrie is just one member of the TODAY family who’s currently working from home while self-quarantined. But on Friday morning, she enlisted other members of her own family to join her as she co-anchored the show.

The fun moment began when Savannah was chatting with correspondent Harry Smith — from her basement to his home office, where he was joined by his fluffy pup, Maisey.

“She’s having her best life ever, because somebody is paying attention to her almost all the time,” he said as his dog sat on his lap. “She gets to play ball outside, every day, sometimes two or three times.”

But when the broadcast returned to Savannah’s digs, she suddenly had some company.

“I see your Maisey, and I raise you two little ones myself!” she said. “I’ve got Vale and Charley with me.”

Savannah beamed as her 5-year-old daughter and her 3-year-old son waved to the camera.

Evidently, in the age of coronavirus concerns and social distancing, the kids are getting to be pros at screen-time communication.

“We’ve been doing lots of FaceTiming with friends,” Savannah said.

As for their appearance on the show, the children decided to go with a casual-Friday vibe.

“They’re here in their PJs,” mom said, teasing that “they’re from the bedhead bureau.”

But Vale, Charley and Maisey weren’t the only ones enjoying the unofficial Bring You Kids and Furry Friends to Work Day — or, rather, bring work to them.

Even Al Roker had a helper nearby as he delivered the weather forecast and admitted that “Pepper the Prognosticating Pooch” made his morning even brighter morning.

“Those of us who have our little therapy dogs, if you will, it makes this a little easier.”