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'Chardonnay Go': One mom's brilliant, boozy answer to the Pokemon craze

"Moms, let's 'Chardonnay Go!'"
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It seems everybody's talking about "Pokemon Go," which has kids, parents, and nostalgic millennials roaming parks and neighborhoods in search of Pokemon like Charmander and Rattata — perhaps even a Bulbasaur — and yelling out random words like Pokestop and Pokegym.

Dena Blizzard, comedian and creator of the off-Broadway show "One Funny Mother," was inspired to create her own version of the viral game, made especially for moms: "Chardonnay Go."

In a video that has now been viewed almost 10 million times, Blizzard explained the new game on Facebook.

"Did you know there's an app for moms called 'Chardonnay Go' where you can actually find glasses of chardonnay all over your neighborhood? And it's really simple. There's actually a glass really close to my house right now. Let's go find it — let's 'Chardonnay Go!'" Blizzard says in the video.

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As she runs down her neighborhood street in Mooresville, New Jersey, picking up and drinking glasses of Chardonnay she finds in bushes, her neighbor's kitchen, and even the back of a dogwalker's waistband, Blizzard outlines the perks of the mom version of the game: it's free — "Because Google wants you to drink!" — and unlike "Pokemon Go," it doesn't have security concerns.

Blizzard, mother of three children ages 16, 14, and 12, said she came up with the idea after hearing about "Pokemon Go" earlier this week. "I really didn’t understand [the game] and wasn’t looking forward to playing it with my kids, since it’s the middle of summer and I’m done," Blizzard told TODAY Parents. "I told my daughter I would play if we were looking for glasses of wine... and 'Chardonnay Go' was born."

Blizzard said she doesn't know too much about "Pokemon Go" itself, but "anything that get kids up and running, I'm a fan of," she said. "My son has locked himself in a room all summer playing video games, so if monster in a bush down the street would change that, I’m all for it."

Lynne Rigby, a mom of five in Apopka, Florida, told TODAY Parents that moms everywhere can relate to Blizzard's sense of humor. "We should come together and make 'Chardonnay Go' happen...if we weren't so tired and time-crunched," she said. Rigby said she thinks Blizzard "is a genius and hilarious. I want to be her best friend, not in a stalker-y way."

"Pokemon Go" has inspired other funny parents as well, including "Pokemom Go" by My LifeSuckers' Deva Dalporto. In her version, moms use the app to find all the things they have lost since having children, such as their car keys, their minds, and their "perky boobs."

Blizzard's show, "One Funny Mother," runs on Thursday and Saturday nights at the New World Stages in New York City. Tickets and more information can be found here.