Changing roles of grandparents: Are more raising their grandchildren?

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By Maria Shriver

I don't know about you, but my grandparents had a huge impact in my life. Their history, their values, their sense of family and service informed how I was raised and how I have lived my life. My parents were incredible grandparents, inspiring our children to be of service as well and to view family as the most important source of love and inspiration. 

The role of grandparents is both constant and fluid. Both stable and ever-changing. Today, millions of people who are grandparents are also doing double duty as parents, providers, caretakers and caregivers. Millions of grandparents are raising the next generation; retirement is not even in their playbook. 

My grandparents were well-known — millions are not. They toil in obscurity and yet their work caring for children is hardly acknowledged or validated. NBC is changing that by shining a spotlight on some grandparents pulling double duty. Tell us how are your grandparents' lives and lessons are impacting you and your family in our comments, as well as by participating in our survey below.