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Sheinelle Jones shares the time she accidentally sent a photo of her butt to the school mom group chat

“I died,” the TODAY co-anchor said. “I was horrified.”
/ Source: TODAY

Sheinelle Jones might have sent the most embarrassing group text of all time.

While discussing her various group chats with the TODAY team on Nov. 24, Sheinelle recalled mistakenly sending a text that still has her “horrified.”

After Al Roker, Craig Melvin and Dylan Dreyer shared their group chat dos and don’ts, Sheinelle chimed in and said, “Oh, I have a true story!” 

The mom of three said she went on vacation with a few of her girlfriends to a sunny location. The group decided to go to the pool and Sheinelle wore her new swimsuit. 

One of her friends pointed out that Sheinelle’s butt looked good in the swimwear. “So, she took a picture,” Sheinelle said as Al raised an eyebrow and seemed to worry about where the story was headed. 

Sheinelle Jones and Al Roker
Sheinelle Jones shares her hilarious story with Al Roker, who looks a bit concerned.TODAY / Screenshot

When Dylan said she knew how the story ended, Craig replied, “I don’t. Keep going!”

“She was trying to tell me, because I’m so self-conscious, she’s like, ‘You’re fine,’” Sheinelle continued. She also clarified that the picture her friend snapped was just a close-up of Sheinelle’s butt in her one-piece bathing suit. 

“I sent it to the mom chat group at school,” Sheinelle revealed as the rest of the TODAY co-anchors started laughing. 

“I died,” she added. “I was horrified.” 

Al fired off a series of jokes about the texting fail. “You know I’m Christian because I’m turning the other cheek,” he said. “That’s literally a butt dial.” 

Trying to minimize the embarrassment, Sheinelle said she quickly sent a follow-up apology text to the group chat. She remembered some of the moms sending funny responses, like “Whoa!” 

Dylan asked, “Didn’t you try to fix it by saying I meant to send it to my husband?” 

Sheinelle nodded and said the other moms replied, “No, that’s even worse!” 

Still mortified by the accident, Sheinelle said she couldn’t believe she just shared the story on television. 

She leaned on the table and covered her eyes with her hands as Craig pretended to have a shovel and acted out her digging herself into a deeper hole. 

Al quickly ended the hilarious discussion by saying, “You know it’s bad when our producers in our ears are going, ‘Wrap up! Wrap!’” 

During their chat, the four TODAY co-hosts also shared that they are all in a group chat together. Al said he usually just sends dozens of gifs. Craig joked that the only way to get him to stop is to respond with a gif of Al.