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Sadie Robertson and husband Christian Huff announce gender of baby No. 2

Boy or girl?
/ Source: TODAY

Sadie Robertson and husband Christian Huff found out whether they’re adding a little girl or baby boy to their family. 

In a video shared on Instagram on Nov. 18, the couple gave a look inside their gender reveal party for their second child together. The former reality star and her husband are already parents to 1-year-old daughter, Honey James.

"WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!" they captioned the clip, which shows Robertson, 25, throwing a baseball and Huff hitting it with a bat. When it explodes pink dusk appears.

In the clip, guests are seen choosing blue or pink pins, guessing the baby's gender.

Huff, meanwhile, was adamant that he and his wife are having another girl. He proved it by showing off his pink shirt, shoes and pink gum.

“Everyone here is team boy, but definitely going to be a girl,” he said. “It’s super exciting.”

In a follow-up post, the "Duck Dynasty" alum confirmed they had a baby girl on the way, sharing a family photo and writing, "team girl 💘."

Huff also shared video of the moment they found out their second child's gender.

"When you’re so stoked you are having another girl but then you watch the video and realize you rolled it over and potentially hit into a 6-4-3 double play," he captioned the Instagram post.

The couple got married in November 2019 and welcomed daughter Honey in May 2021.

In early November, Robertson revealed that she was pregnant with her and Huff's second child. In an Instagram post, she wrote that they had "another little miracle is in motion" alongside a photo of the three of them and their sonogram.

Following the birth of Honey, the then-new mom was vocal about her postpartum anxiety. In an episode of her podcast, “WHOA That’s Good,” in July 2021, she shared how her difficult labor experience triggered her anxiety.

“Because Honey and I had the labor that we experienced, my mind kept going into the ‘What ifs?’ Like what would have happened, what if it did last one more minute and she didn’t make it, what if she didn’t actually end up coming out ... What if I lost too much blood?’” Robertson said. “It led me into ‘Is she really OK, did she really make it through that, did I really make it through that? Is there something wrong with me (or) her, what if all the things. And you know, that is such a toxic brain spiral.”

She then contacted a doctor she had worked with before who gave her the “best advice.” Instead of stressing over the “what ifs” to say “That didn’t happen” and “override that fear with gratitude” because as a mother one is going to have things that make you afraid.”

“There are going to be things that make you have a fearful thought or start to feel anxious,” she said. “But it’s important that you don’t just let that thought run rampant, that you actually exchanged that with a different thought of gratitude.”