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Macklemore says he brought 7-year-old daughter Sloane to AA meetings with him

Macklemore said he is transparent with his eldest daughter about his struggles with addiction.
/ Source: TODAY

While promoting his new music, Macklemore opened up about his sobriety, including how he involves his 7-year-old daughter, Sloane. 

On March 3, Macklemore, whose real name is Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, appeared on Audacy’s Check In. During his conversation with host Mike Adam, he spoke about staying sober after he relapsed during the pandemic, revealing that his daughter Sloane attended AA meetings with him in the spirit of transparency about his struggles.

“Sloane’s been to meetings with me,” he said. “She asks me questions like, ‘Daddy, how’s your sober meetings going?’ We talk about it and I don’t want to hide that because it’s not something that I need to feel guilt or shame or secrecy around. The whole intention is to put it out into the open. I’m not a finished product. This is what I’m working on. These are my struggles, these are things that we might have in our family that we might have to keep an eye on — but just be honest.”

Macklemore described his openness with his daughter as "a new point in parenting."

“It’s a conversation. There’s no rulebook here," he said. "My mom talked to me about drugs a little bit, but it was in a very different way."

During the interview, he also spoke about his daughter directing the music video for his song “No Bad Days” off of his new album called “Ben.”

“The best part about it is that Sloane has no idea that the rest of the world knows that this is really happening,” he said of surprising his daughter on social media with the news that she would be directing his video. “She doesn’t really get that part.”

Though Sloane has become a topic of conversation in some of his recent interviews, Macklemore says he doesn’t want his daughter to know about the discussions.

“That part is what messes you up,” the 39-year-old musician explained. “It’s like ‘Okay, so what are people saying about me?’ and this idea of identity and ego and all that. We’re going to keep that completely separate as much as possible from the experience of just making a music video and what that actually looks like. The art part of it, not the rest of it.”

Macklemore, who shares three children with wife Tricia Davis — Sloane, 7, daughter Colette, 4, and son Hugo, 1 — says it was an “amazing opportunity” to work with his eldest daughter.

“We will look back on this in years and laugh and have this kind of time stamp of this moment," he said. "To watch her creativity, the autonomy to be a director and to come up with her own ideas, it’s just really cool to see.”

As for what’s next for the “Thrift Shop” performer, Macklemore revealed that he'd be interested in working on a book.

“I would like to do a children’s book. I think that’d be awesome,” he said. “You realize how much you read to your kids and I’m like, ‘Damn, they’re reading the same book again. This is crazy that we’re reading ‘George and Martha’ for the 15th time in like three days.’ I feel like I could write a fire book.”