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Kristen Bell documents her family being ‘stranded’ at airport after a 9-hour delay, sleeping in an attic

The actor said they were “kicked out” of the airport and had to find a place to stay.
/ Source: TODAY

Kristen Bell and her family had quite the travel woes.

The actor said that she, husband Dax Shepard and their daughters —Lincoln, 10, and Delta, 8 — were stranded at the Boston airport after a nine-hour delay. Bell documented the experience on her Instagram story on July 26, sharing photos and clips of their experience.

In her first photo, Bell makes a sad face while she and her family, along with other passengers, are waiting at the airport.

Kristen Bell and her family at the Boston airport.
The actor shared a photo of after "9 hours of delays" at the Boston airport.Instagram story/Kristen Bell

She then shared a photo of the kids playing Uno and Shepard and another person “playing spades” to pass the time.

Amid the long delay, Bell had to get comfortable and snapped a selfie of herself while brushing her teeth outside the airport bathroom.

“We made quite a home here,” she wrote on the photo.

Dax Shepard at the airport
Dax Shepard and the family found ways to pass the time. Instagram story/Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell brushing her teeth at the airport.
Bell shared a photo of herself brushing her teeth at the airport.Instagram story/Kristen Bell

The saga continued with the “Frozen” star writing that there were no hotels available "within 50 miles." She also shared a clip of their set up at the airport, which consisted of blankets and neck pillows on the floor.

Shepard is also seen cuddling with one of his daughters while lying on the floor and watching videos on a laptop.

In the next video she shared yet another unfortunate update, writing, “And we wanted to stay but we were kicked out.”

Bell's family at the Boston airport
Bell showed their set up at the airport.Instagram story/Kristen Bell

As they made their way out of the airport, the “Good Place” star uploaded a photo of herself with her husband making a tired face.

She wrote that they “had to find a place to stay right AFTER dad had taken his sleep aids.”

However, there was a turning point to the family’s story. In the next slide, Bell shared that they found a place to stay thanks to “friends of friends.”

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard in the parking lot
It was a rough night for the couple. Instagram story/Kristen Bell

“Thankfully we found friends of friends who offered us their attics and accepted us at 1 a.m.” she wrote, adding multiple exclamation points.

The photo she shared showed a bed in a tight space with all their luggage and blankets on the side.

Kristen Bell and family in a friend's attic
The family eventually found a place to stay the night.Instagram story/Kristen Bell

After getting some rest, Bell shared that the people who let them stay at their home, John and Krista, took them on a hike the next morning “with a lot of dogs and it was heaven!” She also thanked the couple for their hospitality.

Bell, Shepard and their daughters have been traveling over the summer. On July 7, she shared photos from their time in Idaho, which also included a star-studded dinner at South Fork Lodge with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and many other A-listers.

Just two days ago, the “Armchair Expert” host posted a photo of him swimming in a lake. The comedian also celebrated his wife’s 43rd birthday on July 18 by sharing a handful of photos and calling her the “world’s hottest jujitsu practitioner.”

“Happy Birthday to the world’s hottest jujitsu practitioner. And that’s in addition to being the greatest mom, wife, sister and dog owner that this world has ever known,” he wrote. “Everyone one of us in her Orbit has hit the jackpot. Happy Birthday Buddy!!!! @kristenanniebell.”

Bell replied in the comments section, “So grateful I get to spend them all with you” and added a red heart emoji.