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Jennifer Lopez says her twins have started to ‘challenge’ her choices: ‘Why is mom doing that?’

As the entertainer's 15-year-old twins have gotten older, they’ve started to question their famous mom.
/ Source: TODAY

Jennifer Lopez opened up in a recent interview with Vogue Mexico and Latin America about what it's like raising children in the spotlight.

The singer, who covers the July issue of the magazine, opened up about her relationship with her 15-year-old twins, Max and Emme.

She said that as her twins have gotten older, they've started to question her more about her choices and wonder, "Why are we doing this? Why is my mom doing that? Do I have to do that too?"

Lopez shares her children with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. It's not the first time that she's opened up about her kids struggling with having famous parents.

"They have just started letting me know how people treat them — so when they walk into the room, that’s what people are thinking about," she said in May during a roundtable talk with Audacy. "They’re not seeing them for who they are. And I think that has to be a really hard thing for them. So, I would love to be able to protect them from that."

In her interview with Vogue Mexico and Latin America, published in Spanish on June 22, Lopez said that the teens have started to "challenge" her and her opinions on things.

"You probably remember when you were a teenager and you gave your mom a hard time," Lopez told the magazine. "And I don’t think it’s because they’re not good kids. Rather, they just want to know, to learn, they want answers."

The multifaceted star also opened up about how her most recent film, "The Mother," changed her perspective on her relationship with her twins as they transition from kids to young adults.

"It’s a very different relationship that you have to develop. And my children and I talk about it,” she said of also having her kids grow up in the spotlight. “And I think by doing ‘The Mother’ it really helped me to over-analyze it, because when you’re living your life you’re not really analyzing it, but when you’re working on a character, you go deeper into what they’re going through.”

She shared how her character in the action film made her look at things from a different perspective. “It really helps me to look at things in a more analytical way, like ‘What would she advise me here? How do you go from a mother-child relationship to an adult relationship with your kids? How will the rest of our lives be? Will they hide things from me or are we going to be open and forthcoming?'" she said. "All those questions are in my head."

Though the twins are rarely seen at public events, Lopez often shares photos in honor of her children on their birthday. In 2022, she wrote in an Instagram post for their 14th birthday that having her kids made her "reexamine everything."

“And it’s because of the love that you feel for them — it’s so pure and unconditional — that it made me start reexamine everything in my life,” she wrote at the time. "You have taught me the true meaning of life and have changed me forever in the most amazing way…I am so grateful for you both!!! I only hope I can be half of the blessing you have been to my life."