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Exclusive: Jasmine Ellis Cooper from 'Summer House' has a new baby ... and a new attitude

"You know, I have to give myself my flowers in this moment because I've really just been going with the flow."
Jasmine Ellis Cooper
"I definitely used that pregnancy card, full stop," says Jasmine of her experience filming Season Two of "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard." TODAY Illustration / Getty Images

As viewers of Bravo's "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard" know, Jasmine Ellis Cooper is used to vacationing with her best friends at the beach. But next summer, she'll have a plus-one in tow.

Jasmine gave birth to Silas “Si” Geplay Cooper Jr. on Feb. 22.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper
"It's a lot of sleep lost," Jasmine says. "But I'm having fun in the meantime, and I'm pleasantly surprised by that."

Jasmine's husband, Silas Cooper, seemed like the overprotective type on Season One, so viewers may expect him to be hovering over his pregnant wife in Season Two. But when the second season was filmed, Silas was overseas with the United States Army Reserves. In fact, he was away for the majority of Jasmine's pregnancy and he likely won't return until this summer. He has not yet met baby Si.

With a little help from relatives — and technology — this new family of three seems to be doing just fine.

Labor and delivery

"I really tried to conceal my pregnancy as long as I could leading up to BravoCon," Jasmine tells in an exclusive interview.

In fact, Jasmine started filming Season Two of "Summer House: Martha's Vineyard" (which premieres on March 24) without even telling her friends and castmates that she was pregnant. She wanted to enter her second trimester before mentioning it.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper
Jasmine and her friends rent a house on Martha's Vineyard every summer.

"I had no expectations going into filming," says Jasmine. "It was interesting week to week to see how my body was changing."

Jasmine laughs as she says she might not accurately recall what happened herself. "I think how I remember it and how it actually went is a little different because, again, pregnancy will make you very drowsy."

Once the housemates found out that she was pregnant, Jasmine says, "I definitely used that pregnancy card, full stop." She put people to task: "'Hey, can you grab me this? I'm so hungry. I'm so tired. Could you give me that blanket?' It was nice. It was very nice."

Silas had already been deployed before the season began, so Jasmine didn't have her "backstop of support" in the house with her. Silas "had a lot of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and a lot of guilt, to be honest, just being so far from me," Jasmine shares. "And just making sure I'm constantly good, especially in a stressful situation like vacationing in a house with your friends."

Jasmine Ellis Cooper
Jasmine begins Season Two with a little secret ...Bravo

This summer, Jasmine says the weather was warmer, she "reset" her relationships with everyone and they did "twice as much this summer as we did the previous summer." In the end, she says, "the summer really turned out to be ... I would say ... iconic."

Labor and delivery

Though her pregnancy was smooth, Jasmine changed doctors a few times to make sure she felt extremely comfortable with the obstetrician who delivered her baby. She also hired a doula. Both decisions were "game changers" in her birthing experience, she says.

Jasmine was in labor for 30 hours. "I couldn't speak because I was in such pain," she says. Her doula and her grandmother, who was also present, advocated for Jasmine when she was unable to do so herself. "It was a lot harder than I thought."

The new baby is "very observant, very particular," Jasmine says proudly. "He's really big on Baby Mozart. That's been like his jam. He's a little sophisticated individual. And he loves to eat and he loves when I read to him. Those are like the big three things that save me every day."

There are two other secret weapons in Jasmine's parenting arsenal: her mother and her grandmother.

Jasmine's grandmother stayed with her from her third trimester until Si's arrival, "and then they swapped out." Her mother has been staying with Jasmine and Si in Jersey City, New Jersey ever since.

Solo parenting

When the couple decided to start a family, they didn't realize that Silas would be overseas.

Silas, a commissioned officer in the United States Army Reserves, was deployed in July 2023, and Jasmine hopes that he will return this summer. "We are counting down the days," she says.

Though Silas was anxious about his wife's health during the pregnancy, he relaxed now that the baby "has come earthside," Jasmine says. "There's so many women around me that are just constantly making sure that I'm eating, that the baby's good, so I think it's given him peace of mind."

Jasmine keeps Silas up-to-date with baby Si's growth through videos.

Jasmine Ellis Cooper
"He loves to eat and he loves when I read to him," says Jasmine.

"He's so excited. I can already tell our son is going to have him wrapped around his finger. And it's just been really cool to just kind of keep him developmentally up with how our son's growing."

Jasmine seems to be thriving amid the unpredictability of new motherhood.

"You know, I have to give myself my flowers in this moment because I've really just been going with the flow. I don't have a lot of expectations. I don't try to set myself up for a particular schedule even. At this point, I have to be flexible, so I'm having fun with it."

Will Si become the newest housemate for Season Three? (Disclosure: TODAY and Bravo share the same parent company, NBC Universal.) Jasmine says, "Hopefully! If he's up for it! We'll see what his sleep schedule is like around that time."


“Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard” premieres on Sunday, March 24 at 9pm ET/PT on Bravo and streams next day on Peacock.