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Dwayne Johnson’s daughters wake up to surprise guinea pigs on Christmas

His girls’ reaction to the present from “Dwanta Claus” is priceless.
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — aka "Dwanta Claus" — brought the Christmastime thunder this year.Getty Images / Vera Anderson / WireImage
/ Source: TODAY

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is pulling out all the stops this year to make Christmas special for his two youngest daughters.

In a cute video posted on Instagram on Monday, Dec. 26, the actor and former professional wrestler captured his daughters, Jasmine, 7, and Tiana, 4, reacting to their gifts from Santa — or "Dwanta," as Johnson calls himself — on Christmas morning.

The biggest surprise of all? Pet guinea pigs. In the video, Johnson's daughters can be heard squealing with joy and excitement as they realize two of the large boxes under the Christmas tree are guinea pig enclosures.

"GUINEA PIGS?!!" one daughter exclaims.

"We did not even wish for this!" the other says as her excited sister throws a stuffed animal up into the air.

Johnson details in the caption of his post how he went the extra mile to make the holiday unforgettable for his girls.

“This year I started a new tradition where I would wake up at 5am (regardless of what time I went to sleep — which was 1am) shower, get dressed and be downstairs waiting for the little tornados to wake up and come down and wreak complete havoc,” Johnson wrote in the caption.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson has launched his family into the magical world of guinea pig care.DWAYNE JOHNSON / @therock / Instagram

The 50-year-old "Black Adam" star shares children Jasmine and Tiana with wife Laura Hashian, whom he married in 2019. Johnson also has a 21-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, Simone Johnson, who currently works as a professional wrestler, TODAY previously reported.

"Man as a daddy I live for these moments of joy & Christmas imagination," Johnson wrote in the caption of his recent video.

The holiday celebrations were already off to an early start in the Johnson household. On Friday, Dec. 23, the "Black Adam" star shared a hilarious video of his youngest daughters giving him a Christmas-themed makeover into "Dwanta" Claus.

In the Christmas makeover video, Johnson can be seen rocking a blonde pigtail wig while his daughter applies blush liberally to his cheeks. “I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then IM WINNING BABY,” Johnson wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag #MerryEarlyChristmas.

The "Black Adam" star is all about spending quality time with his girls. Earlier this month, he shared another clip on Instagram showing off his adorable "daddy curls" workout with his youngest daughter, Tiana.

Johnson ended the caption of his latest Christmas video by thanking Santa for bringing "all the cool presents" for his little ones. "Hope you enjoyed the tequila I left ya," Johnson wrote, hinting at a much-deserved gift for the real Santa Claus.

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