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Actor David Tennant carries on family tradition of trolling his 'not that special' son

The "Doctor Who" star held up a cheeky sign over his son's head at London Comic Con, continuing a unique family tradition.
/ Source: TODAY

Fathers poking fun at their sons: It’s a time-honored tradition — one that is being lovingly passed down in actor David Tennant’s household.

The “Doctor Who” star and his son Ty Tenant, who recently appeared in HBO’s “House of the Dragon,” both headlined at London’s Comic Con this week. The elder Tennant posed holding a cheeky sign over his son’s head, in a photo shared by Georgia Tennant, the 20-year-old actor’s mother.

“He’s not that special!” the sign reads, as the father looks at the camera with a straight face while his son, seemingly oblivious at what appears to be a fan meet-and-greet table, stares off into the distance.

Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor in BBC's Doctor Who.
Peter Davison played the fifth "Doctor Who."BBC

The prank is a family tradition. Peter Davison, who played the fifth “Doctor Who” in the 1980s, happens to be David Tennant’s father-in-law and Ty Tennant’s grandfather. 

In April, Davison held up a similar sign for his son-in-law at another Comic Con in Wales — though this time, the word “that” is underlined, whereas Tennant underscored “He’s,” apparently responding to the original months later.

“The saga continues,” one fan tweeted, showing an image of what appears to be Davison holding up another sign near Michael Sheen, who starred with David Tennant in the show “Good Omens,” that reads, “Now he is special.”

David Tennant as the Fourteenth Doctor in BBC's "Doctor Who," peeking out of a blue phone booth, also known as the TARDIS.
David Tennant played the 10th "Doctor Who" and is now the 14th Doctor.BBC

Just how long can this playful tradition carry on? Well, it’s a big family. 

Georgia Tennant also acted in “Doctor Who,” which is how she met David Tennant, the 10th and 14th doctors in the series. They have five children including Ty Tenant, Georgia Tennant’s first-born son, whom David Tennant adopted, according to an interview he did with Absolute Radio in 2012.