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3 things we learned about Beyoncé’s parenting style from the ‘Renaissance’ movie

"Renaissance" gives a rare glimpse into the pop star's family life and parenting style.

For a pop icon and global superstar, Beyoncé is notoriously private about her personal life — especially when it comes to her kids. But she offers a rare glimpse at her parenting style in the newly released documentary, “Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé.”

Her three kids with husband Jay-Z — Blue Ivy, 11, and twins Rumi and Sir, 6 — joined her on the world tour and appear throughout the film, with Blue even taking the stage alongside her famous mom and a crew of professional dancers.

While fans were thrilled to see Blue show off her dance moves, they're even more intrigued to see how Beyoncé is as a mom in quieter moments behind the scenes.

Here's everything we've learned about Beyoncé's parenting style from "Renaissance."

She listens to her kids, but holds firm boundaries

In a clip that's since gone viral, Beyoncé is seen having a conversation about the concert's set list while Blue sits in another part of the room. When the 11-year-old overhears that the song "Diva" might be cut, she can't help but interject.

“You can’t take away those songs,” she jumps in and pleads while the adults continue to talk in the background.

Without missing a beat, Beyoncé jumps into mom mode. “I appreciate your opinion, but you’ve got to calm down. You can’t cut people off.”

Fans on social media praised Beyoncé's gentle parenting method of acknowledging her daughter's opinion while enforcing that she should be mindful of others.

And it's worth noting that "Diva" does make the final cut.

She's protective of her kids using social media

When Blue first asked to perform on the tour, Beyoncé’s reaction was a hard no. She knows better than most how harsh public criticism can be.

“I did not think it was an appropriate place for an 11-year-old on the stadium stage. All the things I had to go through and the obstacles I had to overcome prepared me — and she hasn’t had that struggle,” she said in the film.

After her first performance, Blue read some "not great" reviews on social media and Beyoncé shared that she "was pretty disappointed that (Blue) had access to them.”

In the end, the negative comments inspired Blue to practice even harder and to feel "a bit more tough." Her transformation from the first show to the last is a highlight of the movie, and her mom couldn't be prouder.

“I think what I love the most is she became fearless, and I can see the confidence and her trusting herself more and more,” Beyoncé said.

“Blue comes up fighting against all of the negativity that was put on her just because she was our kid," she continued. "She was ready to take back her power.”

That makes it all the more fitting that Blue danced along to the song "My Power" while on tour.

She credits her mom for keeping her grounded — and aims to do the same for her own kids

In a poignant moment, Beyoncé talks to mom Tina Knowles-Lawson backstage and shares how grateful she is to have had a grounding presence during her ride to meteoric success. "That's because of you," she said before they hugged.

She hopes to instill that same sense of normality with her own three kids, setting aside time from her whirlwind global tour to spend time as a family and prioritize their needs, like back-to-school shopping.

“Kids don’t care what you do for a living. They just want mom,” she said.