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Carson Daly shares family photos from baby Goldie's first Christmas

Get ready to say “aw!”
Carson Daly sharing photos from baby Goldie's first Christmas
TODAY Illustration / Carson Daly
/ Source: TODAY

It’s been nine months since Carson and Siri Daly introduced their daughter Goldie to the world, and it’s been just three days since they introduced Goldie to her very first Christmas.

During a holiday roundup on Monday’s PopStart, Carson gave TODAY viewers a peek at what the big day looked like for their little girl — and her three siblings, too.

And judging from Goldie’s huge smile, it’s safe to say she enjoyed her inaugural Noel.

Goldie smiles for the camera on Christmas Day.Carson Daly

It’s also safe to say she has her first teeth coming in, too. Just look at those little chompers!

Goldie beamed at the camera in her Christmas photo, but the adorable 9-month-old didn’t have the corner on cuteness around the Daly home this holiday. Big sister London, 6, proved that in this pic in which she reveals a gift she’s obviously proud of — a Hulk-inspired portrait.

It's easy to see why London loves this present so much.Carson Daly

And then Goldie and London’s oldest siblings, Jack, 11, and Etta, 8, kept the cute pics coming with a shot that showed them wrapped up in a sweet Christmas morning hug.

Jack and Etta hug it out.Carson Daly

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“This is the only time I’ve seen them hug each other,” Dad deadpanned when that photo popped up on the screen, before adding, “Hashtag blessed.”

Carson has mentioned being blessed many times this year, especially since welcoming Goldie to the family last March. In fact, her name hints at just how much of a blessing she is.

“We had a short list of names that we liked, but nothing was sticking its neck out,” Carson recalled the day after her arrival. “And I thought about it, you know, this is our fourth kid. She seems like the pot of gold at the end of our family rainbow.”

We’re sure she’ll keep their Christmases golden for a long time to come.