Carrie Underwood's parenting pic says it all: 'Some mornings, pants are optional'

/ Source: TODAY

Some days you just can't miss — your hair is perfect, your kids are sporting the cutest clothes and all the toys are put away. And then there are the other days, or what we like to call "most days."

Carrie Underwood gets us, and the latest pic she's posted to Instagram proves it.

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Well, she sort of gets us. While we suspect she's still enjoying a good hair day behind the lens, in front of the camera, her son, Isaiah, looks on at his plastic playthings as he models his bold fashion choices — a jaunty hat, a deep-blue shirt and ... a diaper.

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"Some mornings, pants are optional...even when the fedora is not," she wrote. "Just kidding, we had a blowout."

Well it happens.

The country music superstar then added some awfully apt hashtags, including #KeepingItReal and #momlife.

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