Carrie Underwood reveals her son's new favorite toy — and she knows it's 'weird'

Move over, Mr. Potato Head! There's a new spud buddy around — at least there is for one playful kid.

Carrie Underwood shared a photo of son Isaiah's new favorite toy, and as it turns out, her tot loves a 'tater.

Yes, her 3-year-old is currently enjoying a potato, just not for dinner.

"This is what my kid has been playing with for the past 2 days," country hitmaker wrote on Instagram Wednesday.

The photo that accompanied that caption revealed that the carby treat comes complete with a personality, thanks to a simple smiley face drawn on with marker. (And the donut-shaped inflatable mini-float that it's perched on certainly adds a bit of flair, too.)

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images For CMT
Singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood shared her son's delicious new toy with fans on Instagram.

"Yes, it’s a potato," mom continued. "Yes, he has other real toys. Yes, I know it’s weird." And as any parent of a toddler would no doubt add: No, that last part isn't important.

After all, "weird" is just par for the course when it comes to playtime for the preschool-aged crowd, whether that means playing with a box rather than the toy that came in it or, in Isaiah's case, turning a potato into a toy.

As for Underwood, 35, she shared another glimpse of what Isaiah considers fun last month, with a sweet video of the tyke giving dad Mike Fisher a shave along with the prediction that, "This won't end well."

Prediction: This won’t end well...🤪

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Just this once we'll have to disagree with the "Cry Pretty" singer, since the clip ended in giggles for Fisher and smiles for fans.