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Carrie Underwood has the perfect yoga partner in 2-year-old son Isaiah

/ Source: TODAY

It always helps to have a little support in the gym, and for Carrie Underwood, that means having her little boy right by her side.

The country music superstar and mom shared a cute clip of her routine on Instagram, with 2-year-old "workout buddy" Isaiah going through the motions, too.

Mom is decked out in fitness wear from her own CALIA line, while "the big man is in his fire truck PJs." But as she notes, "Whatever works!"

The short video opens with the pair doing push-ups before transitioning into some yoga poses, including cobra and downward-facing dog.

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While their workout looks picture-perfect —and downright adorable — to us, Underwood isn't so sure she's mastered the moves.

"PS, please excuse my yoga form," she added in the caption. "I don't do much yoga, but like to stretch."

Isaiah's sure to help out with that. After all, he's no newbie to this.

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He's been hitting the gym alongside his busy mom for a long time, as this workout video, featuring a 9-month-old Isaiah, proves.

And it's obvious he's never been shy about giving the singer a hand.