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New parents would pay $1,598 for just 1 extra hour of sleep

Some desperate new parents would eat baby food for 1 year if it meant their kid slept when they did.
/ Source: TODAY

Celebrity parents are just like the rest of us: Sleep deprived and desperate to do anything to catch some z’s. Cardi B is the newest celebrity mom to learn that sleep remains elusive with a newborn.

“My baby don’t sleep. Night or day,” she Tweeted about Kulture Kiari, who was born July 10. Kulture is keeping Cardi up so much that the “Bodak Yellow” rapper shared an Instagram story begging her daughter to snooze.

Cardi is not alone. A recent non-scientific survey conducted by One Poll on behalf of Mattress Firm asked 2,000 parents about their sleep habits. Almost half, 48%, of the participants, all of whom had at least one child age 1 or older, said sleep was the biggest challenge they faced when they had a newborn. They longed for sleep so much that they’d give $1,598 for just another hour of sleep.

About 27 percent of the participants said they'd eat only baby food for a year — if it meant their baby slept when they did.

The survey noted that dads were getting more sleep, though there was disagreement. A whopping 67 percent of moms said dads slept more; only 21 percent of dads said the same of their partners.

That’s not saying dads don’t suffer. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared his experiences with “team no sleep.” Days after announcing the birth of daughter, Tiana Gia, he canceled an appearance due to new daddy exhaustion. In a video message where he wears sunglasses (to hide what we can only assume are heavily-lidded eyes) he said:

“And you know what, it’s that thing that I’m going through, what’s that thing called? Yeah, no sleep. I’m on team no sleep and a lot of you guys know what that’s like.”

The survey found that it takes almost six months, 189 days, for parents to adjust to having a baby, and dads take about 33 days longer to really get the hang of it. Something that doesn't help: Participants said they heard “You look tired” from other people 144 times on average in a year. Twitter user Rambling Mama knows all too well what that frustration's like:

About 41 percent of parents feel like they “mastered” parenting when their children sleep through the night. But for some parents, like Twitter user Jessica Braun, even smaller sleep milestones are worth celebrating.