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Car wash draws parents' ire after shaming 'disturbing' messy car on social media

"I don't think you quite understand how customer service works."
/ Source: TODAY

One fact of life for anyone who has to drive children around: Children are messy, and they will make a mess in a car. They don't even feel bad about it.

One Florida car wash thinks children — and their parents — should feel bad about their messy cars, though. VERY bad. Waterways Car Spa in Casselberry, Florida, posted a series of pictures on the car wash's professional Facebook page denouncing the cars' owners.

"We often wonder how can anyone ride inside their car in this deplorable condition. This is the results after all garbage removal, toys, foods dropping, doors scrubbed, blown, interiors, re-vacuum," the post stated. "These are the underneath stains, the contaminants the owner of this car drives and lives in, and travels with a child.

"She may be trying her best, but, her best is not enough," the post continued. "This is very sad, these are the reasons why we emphasize on keeping your cars clean. It's very disturbing to see this scenario."

The accompanying pictures seem to be of more than one car, and the cars in the photos look pretty clean, actually. But it is the inflammatory post text that caught the internet's attention. The car wash's page had less than 200 followers before the post and now has about 360, but the post shaming the car's owner currently has more than 3,900 comments, many of them from indignant parents.

"Thanks for the reminder never to bring my car to you," wrote Facebook user Caroline III. "I have three boys that play soccer, so our backseat is covered in sand, grass, and turf beads (on a good day).

"I’d have to vacuum every 15 mins to have a car even this 'clean,'" she wrote. "There’s more to life than worrying about a little dirt in your car, and plus, isn’t that what your business is there for?!?"

"Because being overwhelmed and having challenges is ALWAYS made better by public shaming," commented Facebook user Ranay Danek.

"I'm guessing whoever runs this page doesn't have kids," said Lauren Schmouder. "The most perfect parents are the ones who don't have children."

TODAY Parents reached out to Waterways Car Spa for a comment but received no response.

However, the company did not back down after the post went viral and elicited angry backlash from across the country. In fact, the page now has several posts from the company's Facebook handle almost doubling down on the shaming.

"Just to clarify things. A business is a business. Waterways Car Spa is the best, most efficient car wash in town, and that can not be questioned," a subsequent post stated. "However, there are comments which have been made by individuals who have taken my post and misconstrued it, willfully or not.

"Those who have been so sarcastic in their opinions should actually either pay for this unfortunate person's bill of health to their car or, better yet, make a collection and buy them a brand new car, which is really what they need. As I said before, even when doing the best they can in their circumstances, they need help. Case closed."

But the internet wasn't having it. "Case definitely not closed. Customer service training is in order and maybe sprinkle a little sensitivity and diversity training in there as well," wrote Facebook user Teri Elizabeth Thomas. "You've done nothing to promote the positive aspects of your business."

"She obviously has never had a toddler in a car for longer than 30 minutes," said Facebook user Becka Dean.

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