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Mom relishes back-to-school peace in parody of hit song 'Can't Feel My Face'

When her kid goes back to school, this California mom gets some peace. And she celebrates that in a parody of "Can't Feel My Face."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

In addition to adorable photo ops, back-to-school nights and endless school-supply shopping, the return of kids to their classrooms has many parents enjoying something they haven’t had since before summer vacation — some peace and quiet.

Jessi Sanfilippo, a You Tube comedian who blogs at Shuggilippo, captures her love of this newfound Zen in her parody of the Weekend’s hit song "Can’t Feel My Face." The video, titled "Can’t Get Some Peace," shows Sanfilippo sending 7-year-old son Dylan off to school while celebrating the freedoms she will be able to experience in his absence.

“I can’t clean this place ‘til you’re at school. And I love it, can finally dust it. And I can’t stuff my face ‘til you’re at school. No healthy grubbin’, I regret nothin’,” Sanfilippo sings as she blissfully bites into a snack cake.

Later, Sanfilippo catches up on some television while singing, “And I can binge-watch shows when you’re at school. 'Real Housewives' crush it, I’m not above it.”

Sanfilippo, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Steve Shugg, said a full day of alone time can cause a bit of a high for parents of school-aged kids. And, she said once she realized the list of things she’d neglected to spend time with her son over summer vacation, she was excited at the thought of being able to catch up on her to-do list in an empty house.

Jessi and Steve Sanfilippo with son Dylan, 7.Jessi Sanfilippo

Sanfilippo said that in spite of the silliness of the video, she hopes to convey a more serious message about the importance of being present in kids’ lives when they are around.

“The essence behind the lyrics is to devote that face-to-face time with your kids to being present and an example,” Sanfilippo told TODAY Parents. “Personally, clean baseboards are far less important to me than a blanket fort that swallows the entire living room for a few days. I think that’s the genuine priority for most all parents — segmenting their time and attention when they can to raise great human beings who will carry wonderful memories from their childhood.”

Sanfilippo said she got some help with the vocals for the parody from friend and fellow blogger Amy Bellgardt of Mom Spark.

“I hope that the heart of this silly video ... resonates (with) people,” Sanfilippo said. “The support I’ve seen for the sentiment of cherishing the little moments and the precious time we have to spend with each other has been so humbling.”