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Candace Cameron Bure says her kids blocked her on Instagram — but she has a hack

The former "Fuller House" star teased her kids about their social media strategy in an Instagram video.
/ Source: TODAY

Candace Cameron Bure's kids blocked her on Instagram. But being the clever mom of three that Bure is, she has a trick up her sleeve.

"I don't know why my kids block me on their stories because I still see them on my other work Instagram accounts," the former "Fuller House" star teased in an Instagram video. "Thanks for blocking Mom."

Bure has three children — Natasha, 22, Lev, 21, and Maksim, 19 — with her husband, Valeri Bure, 47.

"I'm not a regular mom," Bure, 45, captioned the post. "I'm not a cool mom either."

Several sweet comments rolled in after her post on Sunday.

"Don't worry, you're a cool mom," "Mean Girls" star Lacey Chabert chimed in, adding a wink emoji.

"Hahahaha.... My kids do the same thing. Block me but not my man, or my friends who follow them," "Fuller House" co-star Jodie Sweetin commented. "I still see what they're up to."

Bure is no stranger to sharing photos and stories of her kids on social media, but the reactions are not always positive.

In January she posted a family photo on Instagram to celebrate the start of 2021, and several "haters" offered their opinions — so Bure clapped back.

"Do you think it’s funny to criticize someone’s children? To make jokes about them? To critique our poses? The direction in which we are looking? Our physical appearance and facial expressions? I wished blessings upon everyone as I shared it in the spirit of a happy new year, yet so many of you came back with jokes about our appearance and criticism of what you thought would have been a better photo," she wrote. "Shame on you. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 or 90 years old, rude is rude. Be better than that. I’m praying for humanity. Manners and respect. If you don’t like something, just move on. There are people and real feelings behind every screen."

Bure focused on the positive last month when she and her husband, a former hockey player, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

"I have more love for this man today than the day we married each other," she gushed in the caption of the precious Instagram photo gallery of the couple at Pebble Beach Resorts in California.

The Hallmark Channel veteran added that the "secret sauce" behind their successful marriage is God.