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15 funniest places where kids have fallen asleep: That can't be comfortable!

TODAY Parents asked fans to post photos of their kids sleeping in funny places, and did they ever deliver!
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing like relaxing after a long, hard day, right? Settling in your cozy bed, kicking back and falling asleep. Aaah...

No cozy beds for these kids! TODAY Parents asked fans to post photos of their kids sleeping in funny places. Not only were the pictures over-the-top cute, but they also ask the important question: How can anyone possibly sleep like that?

Without further ado, here are the 15 funniest places kids have fallen asleep.

1. On a chair

Barbie Ellis / Facebook

Why cuddle up in bed when you can cuddle up on a not-nearly-as-comfortable chair?

2. In the highchair

Ashley McBratney / Facebook

Little kids spend plenty of time in their highchairs, so it's only natural that they'd fall asleep there, too.

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3. On the couch

Marissa D'Angelo / Facebook

Maybe the couch is a fairly normal place to snooze, but these pics get a major boost from some odd sleep positions.

4. Kind of on the couch

Mary Lou Pharris / Facebook

Bonus points for having only one boot on.

5. On the hardwood floor

Trish Fucik / Facebook

Maybe a blanket would make this more comfortable?

6. Under the bed

April Fenk / Facebook

"All clear! No monsters under this bed!"

7. On the welcome mat

Kelly Domer / Facebook

After a long day, there's nothing like getting home and falling asleep.

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8. On the stairs

Jeni Holland / Facebook

We fully understand this one. It's a long way up those stairs and sometimes sleep just gets the better of you.

9. At the computer

Wanda Batten / Facebook

Looks like someone was crunching those numbers pretty hard.

10. On the toy shelf

Lauren Rouse Jones / Facebook

Playing with all those toys can be a real struggle.

11. On the fireplace

Rebecca Fern Howat / Facebook

We'd like confirmation that the fireplace wasn't lit!

12. In a shopping cart

Lucerne Fcc / Facebook

We hear trail mix makes for a great pillow.

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13. In the laundry basket

Melissa Puglise Yankee / Facebook

Let's hope these are clean clothes!

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14. While getting a haircut

Sarah Horne / Facebook

"I'm just going to grab a quick power nap while you cut my hair. If you don't mind."

15. On a four-wheeler

Mindy Heisner / Facebook

You need to be pretty hardcore to fall asleep at the wheel.

Honorable mention: puppy as a pillow

Barbie Ellis / Facebook

If you have a pic of your child sleeping in a funny place (or position) and think it measures up, share it in the comments here!