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By Laura T. Coffey

One is such an adorable age — unless you are a piece of cake. Then it is terrifying.

In honor of the one-year anniversary of our TODAY Parenting Team community, we asked team members to send along photos revealing “what 1 looks like.”

Dozens of dazzlingly cute submissions came pouring in, and many — MANY! — of them involved cake. Or what used to be cake. More like cake that had a run-in with TNT or Godzilla. See?!

"You cannot say that my kids don’t love cake. The needed no help at all smashing into all the cake-y goodness on their first birthdays." —Jordan McMillen, whose son Lane is pictured hereJordan McMillen

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Parents sent in so many wonderful photos that we’ve decided to share them in separate installments. Stay tuned for upcoming compilations of 1-year-olds:

  • getting really dirty or making huge messes;
  • getting squeaky clean at bathtime;
  • falling asleep in awkward places or positions;
  • climbing, falling or getting themselves into other dicey physical predicaments;
  • acting like grown-ups;
  • making AWESOME faces.

But for now … let them eat cake!

"I know they are mine, and biased I may be, but my kids are hands down (or up!) the BEST cake smashers ever." —Jordan McMillen, whose daughter Taylor is pictured hereJordan McMillen
"Bring on the cake. I have waited an entire year for this!" —Jennifer LizzaJennifer Lizza
Jen Kominsky's son Logan ate cake like royalty on his first birthday.Jen Kominsky
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Every baby deserves to make a mess on their birthday.

Leslie Hsu Oh's oldest daughter Kyra loved her first birthday cake.Leslie Hsu Oh
"(These two photos) are from my twins' first birthday party. I love them because they remind me that, even at just a year old, they were already such distinct and unique individuals." —Sarah GillilandCopyright Meredith Cooper
"One of (my twins) loved the messiness of the smash cake, and the other hated it!" —Sarah GillilandCopyright Meredith Cooper
"Exactly one year before this photo was taken, I was sitting in the hospital on bedrest. My water had broken 5 days prior at only 24 weeks. After 96 days in the NICU and a first year full of ups and downs, this celebration was extra special." —Jennifer SwartvagherJennifer Swartvagher
"When it was my older child's first birthday, I gave her some cake and she delicately poked her finger in the icing. Then grabbed a handful and smeared it on her cute party dress. This time, I had learned. So the birthday boy was in his birthday suit (well, he had a diaper on) and we put the high chair outside (easier to hose off)." —TODAY Parents senior editor Kavita Varma-White, whose son Jayan is pictured hereKavita Varma-White
"This is my beautiful, smiling son Matthias' first birthday party ... (with) mom and dad helping him blow out the candle on his cake." —Danielle CampoamorDanielle Campoamor
Leslie Hsu Oh's youngest daughter relished her cake at her first birthday bash.Leslie Hsu Oh
"Too much party, mom. Can I be done now?" —Laura WardLaura Ward
When you turn 1, "your parents will dress you up for your first birthday photos." —Jillian DarlingtonJillian Darlington

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