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The 'bus brother' who embarrasses his little sib has a sweet story

Not even the pouring rain can stop Noah Tingle from showing up for Max.
/ Source: TODAY

The videos of 17-year-old Noah Tingle, who embarrasses his little brother by meeting the school bus in elaborate costumes, have been making the rounds on social media lately.

But Tingle says there's more to it than just laughs.

"I decided to start putting the costumes on to get him off the bus to embarrass him, but at the same time, be able to make memories with my brother before I leave for college," Tingle told TODAY Parents.

The first time he did it was on August 13, his younger brother's first day of school.

"When he wanted to dress up and get Max off the bus, I just laughed and walked away," said his mother, Stacie Tingle. "His older sister took the first video. Then, when he wanted to do it the next day, I helped out with the fun and started to video for him...This is typical Noah. He loves his brother, but also loves messing around with him."

Max, 12, enjoys being a part of the viral videos, his mom and brother said. They're uploaded to "The Bus Brother" Facebook page.

"Noah pours into Max like he would want someone to do for him," said Stacie. "He wants Max to be the best he can be... I never would have thought they'd be this close, being five years apart, but their relationship is precious and (it) brings joy to my heart to know they have each other. I am so glad Noah puts forth so much effort to be there for his little brother. I pray they will always be close, best friends."

The community has even gotten involved.

"The first couple of outfits or costumes I wore were things I just threw together from my closet," said Noah. "After that, we began to receive costume donations, so I began to wear those."

Check out some of his best costumes — and Max's best reactions — below.

  • Chewbacca

Not even the pouring rain stopped Tingle from greeting the bus in what he said was one of his favorite costumes.

  • Bacon

This video includes the kind of rough-housing that's sure to be familiar to moms of boys — but both brothers are grinning the whole time, and it's hard to take any argument too seriously when you're dressed as breakfast food.

  • "Car Dealership Thingy"

Noah said that this was one of his favorites, and that it's been a "fan favorite" as well.

  • Gorilla

This giant gorilla costume brought things to a new level.

  • Santa Claus

Santa stopped by the house a few months early as Noah greeted Max in a Christmas-themed onesie. Max's reaction is especially adorable, as are the smiles and hugs.