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MLB star Bryce Harper and wife Kayla welcome their 2nd child — see the pic

She's got a New York name, even though her dad's a Phillie!
/ Source: TODAY

There's a new player on the team at Bryce Harper's household.

The Philadelphia Phillies right fielder, 28, and his wife, Kayla, announced the birth of their second child on Instagram Sunday:

The caption reads: "Brooklyn Elizabeth Harper."

The photo shows both parents cradling the little girl, who has a bow around her head that perfectly matches Mom's shirt, which we love a lot!

The Instagram account for the Phillies wrote in the comments, "Congratulations!!!!!"

Back in June, both parents posted a fun photo of themselves and the baby's ultrasound on Instagram; Bryce Harper wrote, "Girl dad!"

Bryce Harper and wife Kayla
Bryce Harper, then with the Washington Nationals, with wife Kayla after winning the Home Run Derby in Washington, D.C., in 2018. Patrick Smith / Getty Images

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Bryce and Kayla Harper have been married since 2016. Their first child, Krew Aron, was born in 2019.

A few months before Krew's arrival, Bryce Harper told The Philadelphia Inquirer that he has looked to his own father to learn how to be a parent. "It's very cool to become a dad now and know what he sacrificed for me and to be able to put it into myself and hopefully teach my son the right way," he said. "That's what I want to do."

He added, "If I can just take little things that he did for me and pass that along to my kid, I think my kid will hopefully grow up with the same mentality that I did. Giving a crap about what you do. It's the little things: You give a crap, you give back, and you understand that giving back is one of the greatest opportunities in life."

Congratulations to the growing family!